I started following @JobAngels (on twitter) last Friday because someone tagged the group to #followfriday. Little did I know the group had just started the day before. Soon I realized this was not just a cool group follow but it is an amazing call to action.  It is truly amazing to me how many people have become a JobAngel and how fast the movement spread to other site like Facebook and LinkedIn.  I even start a Friendfeed community to help spread the word and track our tweets.  We also have a group in Brightfuse.

What is JobAngels?

JobAngels is a grass-roots movement asking you to simply help one person find gainful employment. It can be a friend, a family member, a colleague or a total stranger. Whether you’re currently employed or seeking employment, JobAngels is here for you.

Contact Info
Website: Still under development

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Personally and publicly  I want to Thank Mark Stelzner for coming up with this great idea and sharing it with the world. I sure have been inspired by Mark, I hope your are too.

Inside IBM I have been doing what I can to be a JobAngel by creating and managing a group blog for internal job seekers.  That is all well and good but I still have not been able to land my next job, so if there are JobAngels who want to help me please give me shout.